FORAN in NAVANTIA, leader in military shipbuilding

05/07/2018 (Spain)
FORAN in NAVANTIA, leader in military shipbuilding

The shipbuilding line of activity is the most significant, since it is where the greatest number of employees, the largest capacity and workload are concentrated. The Spanish company guarantees a highly competitive position in the international market, thanks to its constant commitment to innovation and technology. In addition, they have established important strategic alliances with other shipyards with the aim of uniting their technological, economic and industrial efforts.

Navantia has a very long tradition of three centuries, which started with the creation of historic military arsenals in Ferrol, Cartagena and San Fernando for the building and repair of the Spanish navy´s ships. It is important to highlight that Navantia comes from Empresa Nacional Bazan, who was the first FORAN user. Thus, since the sixties, the company has been using FORAN continuously and has been keeping a close collaboration with SENER. From SENER´s side, Navantia is considered as one of the most important and strategic customer.

The development of a ship virtual mock-up in a concurrent and multi-disciplinary design environment is, nowadays, the only efficient way to carry out the engineering of high value added products like warships.Miguel Vilar- head of the Engineering Systems Department, Information Technologies of Navantia

Navantia´s production facilities are split into four geographical centres: Ferrol Estuary, Cartagena Wharf, the Bay of Cadiz and Madrid:

Ferrol Estuary

  • Focused in the naval shipbuilding and the supply of naval shipbuilding and high technology equipment. These centres are situated in north-east Spain and are where Navantia builds the latest generation of military vessels such as frigates with the Aegis combat system, amphibious vessels, aircraft carriers, fleet oilers, corvettes, etc. This area is also the location of Navantia's turbine factory and for the repair and conversion of all type of ships, such as LNG and LPG vessels, off-shore units, chemical transport ships and other specialised vessels. The Fene-Ferrol shipyard has two building berths.
  • In the last years, in the Ferrol Stuary Navantia has design and built five frigates for the Spanish Navy, five frigates for the Norwegian navy and the LHD ”Juan Carlos I” for the Spanish navy, that was commissioned to the Spanish navy last month, of which the general design and the structure engineering has been developed in FORAN. Navantia is currently developing an Air Warfare Destroyer (AWD) of a series of three, and an ALHD of a series of two, all of them for the Australian Navy.


  • Situated in south-east Spain, is where Navantia has a large sheltered area for building special ships like submarines and minehunters. As well as steel, Cartagena is also specialised in fiberglass. Navantia also has a factory in the same area that specialises in the production, sale and maintenance of four-stroke diesel engines for different applications: ships, battle tanks, power plants and turn-key co-generation plants as well as for railway traction. In Cartagena, Navantia offers a highly specialised repair service to a large number of ships, with a synchrolift with a capacity to attend to 11 vessels simultaneously. The yard has two slipways and a pontoon dock.
  • The shipyard is currently developing a series of four S-80 class submarines for the Spanish Navy, being the general design, structure, outfitting and the electrical design developed in FORAN. Regarding new projects, they will develop a series of submarines for the Indian Navy.

Bay of Cadiz

  • Located in the south of Spain, the production facilities on the Bay of Cadiz are the company biggest in terms of area (more than a million square meters). In addition, Navantia´s docks in this area are among the biggest docks in the world, with capacity to build ships up to 500 m long , and the biggest gantry crane in Spain. Navantia´s centres in this area specialize in building patrol boats, large military vessels, fast patrol boats and special ships. Navantia is fully equipped to meet any requirement in the field of repairs and conversions and has a state-of-the-art systems factory where combat and weapon systems, vessel control systems and maritime safety systems are developed. The yard in San Fernando has three slipways and four dry docks, while the one in Puerto real has three dry docks.
  • They have been developing a series of BAM for the Spanish Navy, and BVL for the Venezuelan Navy. In Puerto Real shipyard they have recently finished two roll-on roll-off ships for Acciona Transmediterranea, and are building a series of POV for the Navy of Venezuela among others. The general design, structure, outfitting and the electrical design has been developed in FORAN in all ships. Navantia has an experienced technical office and makes important investments in RDTI with the aim of always offering the state-of-the-art products and services. All the facilities of Navantia are equipped with FORAN, which is highly improved with developments and enhancements thanks to the close collaboration between Navantia and SENER.
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