A.I. Technologies Applied to Naval CAD/CAM/CAE

26/03/2019 (Spain)
A.I. Technologies Applied to Naval CAD/CAM/CAE

Authors: Jesus A. Muñoz Herrero and Rodrigo Perez Fernandez.

In this article, the authors explain how running a naval business is inextricably linked to the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). IBM, with its WATSON® platform, and SENER, with the FORAN® system are developing a proposal to integrate the potential for artificial intelligence and automatic learning into the use of FORAN.

The Watson platform ® will include a corpus of information and data to integrate the FORAN® System correctly and flawlessly, but may also include all applicable regulations for different types of ships, such as IMO, firefighting, pollution, safety regulations, etc. It may even incorporate the design and working standards of the shipyards themselves, so that CAD users can design projects in compliance with all applicable regulations and standards on different levels: administration, building, shipowner. This system will be taught to learn how to provide the right data to perform each intended task in response to any different or new scenarios that may affect design. Integration may be conducted at multiple levels, completely decoupled from or coupled to CAD, so that the performance of certain CAD operations triggers events that are captured by the audio monitoring system, which, in turn, links up with the virtual assistant to provide information or data related to the aforementioned operations. Interaction with the system may also be on demand or by leveraging the Watson® system's natural language processing capacity.

This project increases FORAN®'s capacity by endowing it with the Watson® system's cognitive and analytical potential, making it available to the naval industry and launching it into the realm of digitalization 4.0.

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