FORAN origins

FORAN origins

Everything began in the sixties of last century, with the interest of Manuel Sendagorta, then CEO of SENER, in the mathematical representation of hull forms of vessels. The research studies he promoted proved that the use of mathematical formulations, combined with the use of computer capabilities were appropriate not only to represent existing hull forms but also to create new ones. That is how they arrived at a general formula to represent intrinsically faired hull forms, which was the start point for the Analytical Forms system (in Spanish FORmas ANaliticas) or FORAN, as it became to be known.

At that time, SENER was a small ship design office, and thanks to the new software the company satisfied the increasing engineering demand consequence of the shipbuilding boom in Spain and in the rest of the world.

The generation of intrinsically faired hull forms was just the beginning. From that, the general design subsystem was developed, for carrying out all naval architecture calculations, and the hull structure subsystem was started at the beginning of the seventies. At that time, FORAN runned in IBM Main Frame computers, with punching cards and with a very short speed process compared with the current one. Despite of this, FORAN was the most advanced system those days and gave proper answer to naval and commercial shipyard requirements for automated design and production.

Thanks to constant enhancements, increase of functionality and adaptation to new technologies, FORAN reached its maturity in the eighties, when the development of the outfitting subsystem began. FORAN became then the first shipbuilding oriented CAD system in the world having the structure and outfitting integrated in the same environment and saving all information in a single database. The electrical design and accommodation developments started in the nineties, and with the rest of subsystems FORAN could offer a totally integrated solution for ship design and production, ranging from concept design to operation.

Since that, the functionality and capabilities of the System have been improved, offering a great solution for the most demanding shipbuilding challenges.

In addition to its functionality, FORAN has been capable to adapt to new technologies, and even to be at the forefront of them. Thus, FORAN was the first shipbuilding CAD handling the concept of integrated product model, in a single database, launching a version for Windows®, making use of a relational database,…

All this effort has converted FORAN in the most advanced and efficient shipbuilding CAD/CAM system, able to give full support to the most demanding design offices and shipyards.

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