New tool for solid modeling of pipelines in FORAN

New tool for solid modeling of pipelines in FORAN

In V70r1.0, Machinery and Outfitting subsystem of FORAN counts with a new tool for routing of pipes, ducts and cable trays in solid model, that significantly increases the efficiency of the design comparing with routing commands available up to now.

This new tool allows the progressive construction of lines by means of straight segments and curves (elbows) with solid model, making unnecessary the creation of a polygonal that is afterwards transformed in the corresponding line.

Additionally to the classic definition of a line starting from an initial point, the new tool allows the complete construction of a line simultaneously both form its initial and ending point, progressively growing from both and closing the definition in an intermediate point. For this closing operation there exist automatic options that minimize manual operations.

Once defined some default values, the routing is performed interactively and directly on the screen. The designer has full control on the routing direction and on the distance, having the possibility at any moment to easily change them. The System automatically generates all necessary elbows and curves, adapting the straight segments to the exact geometry of the selected elbow and producing the corresponding warning in case of existing any inconsistency or incompatibility. Optionally, the System allows a discrete change in the direction angle, thus the final routing is fully adapted to the commercial elbows available on stock.

Image:General view of a engine room in FORAN

The new tool also allows the definition of auxiliary points, as well as the use of significant point of existing elements, thus facilitating the analysis of alternatives and the definitive routing of the line.

All already existing auxiliary tools, as on-line clash checking, manufacturability checking, compatibility of connections, link with P&ID,… are also available in this new solid model routing procedure.

This new tool can be used not only in the definition of new lines, but also in the edition of existing ones, even if these ones were routed with the classic routing procedure by means of polygonals and components.

Other new developments in machinery and Outfitting subsystem of FORAN, related to lines routing and available in v70r1.0 are, among others: automatic deletion of flanges when inserting or adding fittings, automatic cutting of pipes and flanges insertion following dimensional criteria, and manufacturability constraints warning upon definition of spools.

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