New functionality in FORAN for the welding management

New functionality in FORAN for the welding management

The new version of the FORAN System, foreseen for June this year and labeled as V80R1.0, will incorporate a completely new development focused in the exhaustive welding management within the ship or marine structure.

Under the requirements from two business lines with control demands far higher than the average (offshore and naval markets), FORAN has added the needed tools to guarantee the traceability of each and every weld that take place in the final product, being conventional ship, oil rig or submarine.

The welds in shipbuilding are distributed among the main structure, the auxiliary structure and the pipe elements, being the main structure the most relevant group.

For the main structure, the process begins with the FNORM module, defining the so-called welding procedures, which establish a code, a description, a material type for each of the two elements to weld and a border preparation, the weld thickness in root and toe, and the number of coatings. Later on it will be assigned one of the already defined welding procedures to each structural elements combination, based on their type, including those non-structural elements susceptible of being welded to the main structure, such as the pipe supports or the equipment.

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