Improvements in FORAN Electrical design

07/04/2017 (Spain)
Improvements in FORAN Electrical design

FORAN, developed by SENER, it is known for being the only product of its kind on the market. It encompasses every aspect of design in a fully integrated way and it is used at every stage of the design and production of vessels and marine structures.

The Electrical Design package of FORAN that provides an efficient connection between the electrical department and the other design disciplines and advanced functions to manage all relevant aspects in design and production of electrical systems, has undergone a very important update in the last versions.

The most relevant functionality included in FORAN Electrical Subsystem in the latest versions V80R1.0 and V80R2.0 are the management of conduits with cables in electrical trays, to have smart cable interconnection drawings, the reuse of electrical diagrams from external sources into FORAN, the management of electrical penetrations with multiple frames and a cable installation planning capability.

As said, one of the new capabilities that has been included in the Electrical Design Subsystem allows the management of flexible conduits in cable trays. It responds to a general demand of having the ability to use electrical conduits, either with or without cables contained in them, along with other cables out of conduits, in the same electrical trays, considering all of them in the tray calculations. It also allows the use of shielded conduits through part of the route of cables requiring special protection in some compartments and enables the routing of different Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) cables in cable runs where there would not be enough space to keep the required separation distance between segregations otherwise.

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