FORAN V70, that will be launched by SENER in November, represents a new generation of CAD/CAM/CAE Systems for the design and production of ships and off-shore platforms. With innovative tools and improvements and developments in all its areas, FORAN V70 is the best solution to achieve the major challenge of reducing time and costs in a complex and global environment.

FORAN is leading the market thanks to a powerful development strategy, taking in consideration all user demands but also with a clear strategy based on innovation and continual progression. FORAN V70 incorporates great changes and small improvements that improve the functionality of the previous version.

Common tools

FORAN V70 supports Unicode characters, which allows a real localization of the System. This new functionality enables entering text and generating production information in languages using non latin characters, as Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Korean, etc. Moreover, FORAN dialogues and menu command names are translated upon demand. A new virtual reality module FVIEWER replaces the predecessor VISUAL3D. This completely new walk-through application takes advantage of the latest graphic cards capabilities and allows the management of huge amount of data. Image: New FVIEWER, a new visualization module in FORAN.


An advanced 2D kernel, based in the QCAD application and fully compatible with AutoCAD has been developed, to be used in the module for the norms and standards definition (FNORM) and in the General Arrangement module (FGA) as well as in the future module for the definition of electrical and P&I diagrams. In addition, some important developments have been added for the interim products drawings, the symbolic drawings and the 3D model views drawings generation with an important reduction of the time needed and the manual operations on drawings.

General design

One of the major developments of the new version of FORAN is the new General Arrangement module (FGA) for spaces and general arrangement definition, both in 2D or 3D environments, with all data stored in the database and being possible to obtain the general arrangement drawing in an efficient way.  

On the other hand, the module for the probabilistic damage stability calculations (FSUBD) offers now the possibility to consider intermediate stages of flooding, according to SOLAS Chapter II-1, Part B-1, Regulation 7-2, while the automatic assignment of spaces to subzones has been improved too.

Hull structure

A new module FNORM has been developed to replace the previous NORM for the definition of standards of structure, with a new user interface, including multi dock windows, snap points, geometrical restrictions and a layer management. The increase of the lengths of the identifications and descriptions of blocks, materials and geometrical norms, and the hierarchical structure for the definition of the standards and geometrical norms are other new capabilities.

Important advanced features improve the hull structure modelling. As an example, the new modelling algorithm allows to represent corrugated parts more accurately thus improving the performance of the reading, recalculation and storing operations. New commands to allow an easy graphic checking of the edge preparation of plates and profiles, options for the definition of face bars at any angle with respect to the web supporting it and a modelling algorithm to represent more accurately curved shell and deck plates are other remarkable new capabilities. Regarding profiles and plates nesting, the NEST module in FORAN allows now, under global build strategy nesting, the nesting of identical parts assigned to different interim products and keeps information to recognize each individual part. FORAN V70 offers a revolutionary link for the intelligent connection between the model generated in FORAN and the different FEM tools. This application will be improved in futures releases.

Machinery & Outfitting

FORAN V70 incorporates a new generation of piping design tools to dramatically improve the pipeline routing functionality of the system, with a highly interactive and friendly tool. Among others, some important characteristics are that auxiliary polygonals are not needed, pipelines are routed dynamically displaying the pipeline solid model and that snap points with significant points of the model are available. Users will benefit with automatic solutions provided by the tool and with the definition of complex layouts in a smart and fast way.

In addition, there are some other features for a rule and production based design, such as a new command for smart splitting of pipe segments based on the standard pipe length defined in the components library, new checking utilities to control the spool fabrication restrictions before generating drawings and greater flexibility for the creation of sets of piping elements.

Electrical design

The electrical application in FORAN V70 allows the definition of a new built-in type of cable duct for special non-standard cross-section cableways. Other improvements are the ability to define conduits with cables inside cable trays and to consider them in the cross-section filling calculations.

The cable routing has also been improved, while the connection of cables and terminal blocks allows the management of cables partially routed.

Product lifecycle management (PLM) 

FORAN V70 allows the integration with different PLM Systems, thanks to a neutral solution built with standards based on XML, web services and CORBA.

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