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All services related to FORAN are provided by a customer service team that is made up of highly qualified engineers with much experience both in the designing of ships and in the way the system works. 


In order to provide FORAN users with all of the knowledge and skills required for efficient handling of the system, SENER offers numerous and varied training courses on demand, as well as pre-scheduled courses open to individuals and companies. 

Maintenance and support 

  • Implementation and commissioningFollowing installation, which is normally performed by the users themselves, SENER offers optional technical support during the commissioning period, either at the client’s facilities or remotely, so as to prepare FORAN’s initial configuration (library of standards, material specifications, production templates, development and testing of the links for production) in accordance with the procedures and methods of each shipyard.
  • MaintenanceDetermined to keep in close contact with clients and to continuously improve the FORAN system, SENER provides a maintenance service that includes the launch of a new version each year and permanent technical support via the internet (online support line and conferences), telephone and email.
  • On-site supportUpon request, SENER also provides on-site technical support so users may bolster their knowledge, develop optimal operational skills and get accustomed to the improvements and new functionalities introduced in recent launches.

Bespoke developments

By using the FORAN integrated development environment (FDE), users can extract configurable product data and create a wide range of characteristics to improve the efficiency of their designs, from small scripts for the automation of repetitive tasks within the commands to the development of complex operations. Furthermore, SENER can develop bespoke software extensions upon request.

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Ship design and engineering

SENER uses FORAN for its own ship designs, a notable factor in the quality of the SENER professionals associated with the system. SENER’s customer services team is able to answer questions related to all disciplines and help clients with their marine engineering projects.

SENER recognizes the importance of taking on board users’ comments so as to gain knowledge of the real effectiveness of the system and to guide future developments. For this reason, meetings with users of FORAN, FORUM, and the user group FORAN, FGROUP, are held periodically in different locations.

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