SENER-IBM agreement to develop Artificial Intelligence in FORAN

03/06/2019 (International)
SENER-IBM agreement to develop Artificial Intelligence in FORAN

As part of the FORAN 4.0 digital transformation project, SENER and IBM have embarked on an innovative project to endow the FORAN System with artificial intelligence by integrating Watson IoT®.

One of the numerous applications that WATSON has includes its Virtual Assistant (VA), which facilitates FORAN's design and learning processes. WATSON will provide a body of knowledge (Bok) to show the best ways to use FORAN at different design stages. It will also include design rules and analysis of designed elements to check they comply with both the aforementioned design rules and shipyard procedures. On the one hand, this will reduce FORAN's learning curve and 3D model definition time, and, on the other, minimize mistakes in design, which mean having to redesign everything again. The system will operate either in user request mode or in passive mode following user actions. The WATSON system also improves while it is being used, thanks to its powerful, built-in automatic learning systems.

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