SENER receives the 2018 award for best company in the profession from AINE, the Association of Naval Architects of Spain

08/07/2019 (Spain)
SENER receives the 2018 award for best company in the profession from AINE, the Association of Naval Architects of Spain

AINE, the Association of Naval Architects of Spain, has awarded its prize for "Best company in the profession" to SENER at the 2018 AINE Awards. The award was presented on 5 July during the traditional dinner organised annually by the AINE and the Spanish Corporation of Marine and Ocean Engineers (COIN), as part of the institutional events to celebrate the Virgen del Carmen festivity.

The ceremony was held in La Masía de José Luis, in the Casa de Campo in Madrid. The General Manager of Marine at SENER, Rafael de Góngora, received the certificate from the Vice Admiral Manuel Antonio Martínez Ruiz, Director of Engineering and Naval Construction of the Spanish Navy, and the Director of the Escuela Técnica de Ingenieros Navales (Technical School of Naval Architects), Luis Ramón Núñez Rivas.

SENER was founded as a marine engineering company and, although it soon diversified into other areas of activity - Aerospace, Energy, Environment and Engineering (in the Infrastructure and Energy sectors) - it remains true to its founding principle, marine engineering. Today, SENER has one of the most commercialised design and construction software packages in the world, the FORAN System, which turned 50 in 2015 and continues to be used in ship engineering projects.

SENER has been recognised on previous occasions by AINE: in 2008, it received the award for "Most notable company in the profession in the application and development of R&D", and in 2002, the award for "Best company in the sector". Moreover, both SENER founder Enrique de Sendagorta (who was the Honorary President of SENER and President of the SENER Foundation until his death in 2018) and his son (current President of SENER), Jorge Sendagorta, both PhD's in Naval Architecture, have been recognised by AINE and COIN: In 2015, Enrique de Sendagorta was named Honorary Member and Partner of both the Corporation and the Association of Naval and Marine Engineers of Spain (AINE), while in 2018, Jorge Sendagorta was appointed Honorary Member of the Official College of Naval and Ocean Engineers (COIN).

Among its reasons for recognising SENER, AINE noted a series of achievements that it deems to be "remarkable contributions in favour of our profession and sector", in the words of the association itself, including several projects, such as engineering an LNG bunkering unit (tugboat + pontoon) (powered by liquefied natural gas), which is the first in the world of its kind; the development of prototype vessels and solutions in the field of renewable energies; the use of FORAN in the most complex European naval engineering project of the 21st century, the "Dreadnought" ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) for the Royal Navy, as well as the use of FORAN in the most technologically sophisticated marine projects in Spain; the development of a new comprehensive solution for digitising the maritime industry (shipyard 4.0); activities to promote excellence in the marine sector, such as endowing scholarships for internships for maritime engineering and naval architecture students, and for naval and ocean engineering Master's students; and its participation and collaboration agreements with institutions, organisations and associations of Spain's maritime sector. AINE also underscored the commitment of SENER professionals to training naval architects, and their active participation in forums and conferences to promote the maritime sector and the naval profession.


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