NODOSA Shipyard relies on the FORAN system to build a stern freezer fishing trawler for FERRALEMES Ltd.

12/11/2020 (Spain)
NODOSA Shipyard relies on the FORAN system to build a stern freezer fishing trawler for FERRALEMES Ltd.

On Tuesday, November 2, the vessel "MONTELOURIDO" was launched at NODOSA


Overall length: 63.70 m.

Breath: 12 m.

Draught: 7.40 m.

GT = 1,499 GT

Power: 2,400 Kw / 750 rpm

In this project to build the stern freezer fishing trawler for Ferralemes Ltd., NODOSA SHIPYARD extensively used their FORAN CAD/CAM System to perform most of the production engineering tasks involved in hull structure, piping and machinery / outfitting disciplines.

This vessel is the second unit of the same characteristics that the NODOSA SHIPYARD has built for this same shipowner. This second vessel features important technical innovations, and improvements in the crew comfort, respect for the environment, and energy efficiency. It also has a greater cargo capacity, freezing capacity and power, despite maintaining the same tonnage, which was the major challenge that NODOSA was able to successfully resolve.

The FORAN software, developed and owned by SENER, can be used for every phase of the ship design process in a fully integrated manner thanks to its single database, which can yield to a considerable reduction in the delivery time and cost of the vessel.

SENER congratulates the NODOSA SHIPYARD on the development of this project and wishes it every success in its future endeavors.

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