FORAN as an integral part of shipyard 4.0

03/06/2019 (International)
FORAN as an integral part of shipyard 4.0

FORAN is currently undergoing a major transformation process to turn it into a key tool in the shipyard digitalization and technological upgrading process, including aspects as varied as Virtual and Augmented Reality, Simulation, Artificial Intelligence, Additive Manufacturing, Life Cycle Management, Sensorization, IoT (Internet of Things), and Asset Management, among others.

The goal is to use the FORAN database, containing the definition of all ship elements down to the last detail and used to generate all manufacturing and assembly data, as a data source in the creation and maintenance of the ship's digital twin.

Aware of the need to involve the best specialists in the definition and use of the ship's digital model, SENER has signed strategic partnership agreements with companies leading the development of Industry 4.0, such as IBM, PTC, Ansys, ESI Group, Classification Societies, among others, and the world's most advanced shipbuilding companies, both civil and military. Under these agreements, the FORAN System seamlessly blends in with such diverse enabling technologies, providing the best end-to-end integrated solutions, all of which translate into the design, manufacture and operation of better ships at a lower cost.  


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