The latest development in CAD/CAM/CIM. The Virtual Reality in Shipbuilding

The latest development in CAD/CAM/CIM. The Virtual Reality in Shipbuilding

TEAM 2015, October - Vladivostok (Russia)

An expected result of the prolonged use of Computed Aided Design, Manufacture and Integrated Manufacturing (CAD/CAM/CIM) Systems for the design and production of any kind of vessel is its use in Virtual Reality environments, primarily because now it has become an manageable technology. Virtual Reality is extended in every industry, in every sector, at any level. Important improvements both in software and hardware have had an important impact in its use in the shipbuilding industry, where it is necessary to handle complex ship 3D models with huge amount of data. This paper describes in detail the main application and uses of Virtual Reality in shipbuilding, from different points of view. Just mention:

  • Design. Review of the 3D model.
  • Engineering. Avoid errors and inconsistencies as interferences and collisions.  Planning. Review progress of project and supervise subcontracted works.
  • Operation. Dismantling of equipments. Maintenance tasks.
  • Project Management. Evaluation of new requirements and changes.
  • Production. Simulation of critical assembly tasks.
  • Marketing. Commercial uses, fairs, exhibitions and product demonstrations.
  • Military Shipbuilding. Crew trainings and Ergonomic studies.
  • Early error detection in as designed model. Avoid expensive modifications in manufacturing and production stages.
  • Cost reduction.
  • Simulation of critical tasks.
  • Quick evaluation of design alternatives.
  • Fast decision making.
  • Investment in Virtual Reality solutions is recovered.

The collaboration between an improvement in the marine technology and developments in CAD/CAM/CIM software, will be a great step forward for the use of Virtual Reality in shipbuilding. The use of new technologies in different ship design stages, will be a great benefit for the ship design offices, shipyards and ship-owners, and will improve hugely the production process. At the end, there are several scenarios of improvements for the next years. Some of these improvements seem to be unreal or very difficult in short term, but the reality often exceeds expectations in any field, and probably more in the technology.

Rodrigo Perez, Mirko Toman, Luis Sanchez and Michael Kerausch

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