Key CAD enhancements to fit submarine design requirements

28/09/2015 (Germany)
Key CAD enhancements to fit submarine design requirements

ICCAS - September 2015 - Bremen (Germany)

Submarines industry significantly differs from surface ship industry. This difference is visible in all phases of the process, from conceptual design to operation of the boats, passing through the construction itself. Regarding the design phases, in the surface vessel shipbuilding the conceptual and initial designs are driven, normally, by the operation costs of the ship, while the detail design is focused in reducing to the minimum the construction cost and timing. However, in the submarine shipbuilding industry the drivers at all stages are mainly the operability of the boat and its lifecycle, being operation and construction costs important but not essential. This difference implies different engineering and design processes, and affects the way of using the CAD/CAM/CAE applications and other IT tools (as for example PLM) supporting the design phases. The intended paper describes the particularities of the design of submarines compared with surface vessels, and the way in which shipbuilding oriented CAD/CAM/CAE Systems can be adapted to these particularities. It also tries to highlight how the design of submarines can be improved by means of using such systems, and at the same time to explain how the technological improvements in this type of boats affect to the development and evolution of the CAD/CAM/CAE Systems.

Rodrigo Perez, SENER, Madrid/Spain,

Carlos Gonzalez, SENER, Madrid/Spain,

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