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SENER’s Marine Engineering activities include conceptual, basic, classification, detail and production engineering, as well as technical consultancy / support. SENER can be involved in all of them, from the pre-contract phase of designing the ship through to its actual delivery, as a comprehensive project, or just in one or a few of them.

Conceptual engineering

Formas Arrastero

The conceptual design developed by SENER begins when the ship is nothing more than an idea on the ship owner’s desk. SENER carries out the measuring of the ship and its main pieces of equipment, while verifying its technical feasibility and regulatory compliance. 

The conceptual design can have two purposes:

  • To help the ship owner to find the best shipyard in which to construct the ship, by offering an efficient and economical design adapted to the firm’s needs so that the tenders received from various shipyards can be compared.
  • To help the shipyard to prepare the documentation it needs to present its tender, creating a design based on the client’s requirements, but also aligned with the capabilities of its own facilities, on the basis of which to make cost estimates and to draw up a proposal that has solid technical backin

This phase includes, at the very least, the following documentation:

  •  Preliminary naval architecture studies.
  • General layout plans.
  • Initial ship specifications.

Basic and classification engineering

Sección del plano de un buque

Once the ship’s concept has been defined, SENER provides services to define the ship’s functionality, its equipment and systems to achieve maximum efficiency in its operations and meet all the regulations and standards required by the relevant authorities and the chosen Classification Society, as well as quality and environmental criteria.

As part of its services, SENER manages applications for plans and documents to be approved by the authorities and the Classification Societies, corresponding with these organizations directly and discussing with them the best solutions for complying with regulations in a way that most benefits the project’s efficiency and sustainability.

Within Classification Engineering, we work from every possible discipline:

FORAN sistema CAD 3D

  • Structure, Outfitting, Machinery, Safety and Fire Safety, Furnishing, Electricity, Automation and HVAC.
  • Special calculations: FEM, vibrations, noise, fatigue studies.
  • Coordination and communication with Classification Societies and Official Bodies.

All our designs are created on FORAN, our own 3D CAD design and production system.


Detail and production engineering

ABANCE rozados radiography of a funnel

In order to optimize the construction process by reducing times and costs, SENER provides detail and production engineering services.

Detail Engineering. Using the plans and reports produced during the Classification Engineering phase, once they have been duly approved by the Ship Owner, the Classification Society and the relevant authorities, SENER creates a 3D model using the FORAN software package, the CAD/CAM system developed by SENER. Into this model, we incorporate the entire steel structure, all the equipment, pipelines and cabling, including all their supports. By using the strong functionality of FORAN, we can check that there is no interference or collisions between the different elements (pipes, equipment, cable trays, structure, etc.).

Armamento popa

Production Engineering. By using the information kept in the database of the FORAN 3D model, SENER creates the plans needed to both construct and assemble each and every element of the ship’s structure, pipelines, equipment and accessories to optimize the costs and the timings of the work and follow the shipyard’s building strategy, regulations and standards.



Consultancy – Technical support

SENER provides consultancy services regardless of whether it has carried out the engineering on the project. The services offered include overseeing the construction and design on behalf of the ship owner, feasibility studies, special calculations (FEM, fatigue, evaluation of special regulations, etc.) and procurement (research, negotiation and appointing the main equipment suppliers).

These services are offered both to newly-built ships and to ships under repair or in operation.


TUG Amberes UNV2B1






Construction Kit

Romehielos Almirante IrízarTo offer better value-added services to our clients with reduced organizational capacity or who are located in areas where equipment and materials procurement requires a special effort due to complex bureaucratic procedures, SENER provides its ‘construction kit’, which includes: all the project engineering (from conceptual design to production plans); the materials and equipment needed to build the ship in its entirety; and supervision of construction to ensure that the specification requirements and the regulations set by the relevant authorities and Classification Societies are met.

With this system, not only we get the ship built, but we also transfer technology to the ship builders who, throughout the production process, acquire the experience and the know-how they need to then carry out other similar projects with less dependency on outside firms.


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