SENER Marine has been a pillar of SENER’s R&D&i thanks to both its marine engineering solutions and the conception of the FORAN system.

Unidades Flotantes de RegasificaciónCurrently, 75% of the FORAN team’s work is dedicated to developing the system itself, and this is self-financed through license sales and services which provide maintenance for the product. This has proved to be a strategic investment as it has maintained the system’s technological leadership.

In its projections, FORAN is looking towards ever more global turnkey solutions, which are what the major construction companies will require. One example of a turnkey project is the Floating Storage and Regasification Units (FSRUs) conceived by SENER, offshore terminals which combine its extensive marine experience with its knowledge of regasification plants, marine civil works and combined cycle power stations.

FORAN was a worthy winner of the Innovation SENER Prize in 2003-2004, and SENER has also won numerous other awards thanks to FORAN, including the Prince Philip Award for Excellence in Business in the ‘Technological Innovation for Large Companies’ category in 2008, where FORAN was described as a significant technological innovation with proven national and international success.


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