FVIEWER, the new approach to 3D virtual review

FVIEWER, the new approach to 3D virtual review

FVIEWER is the new Virtual Reality module developed by SENER to replace the predecessor VISUAL 3D, with the aim of obtaining continuous improvements in design and manufacturing phases. FVIEWER is fully integrated in the FORAN environment, and is included in new version V70.

FVIEWER gives the user the possibility to review the model, walk through it in real time, interrogate it about properties and attributes, detect collisions, make annotations and measure clearances and distances. Being developed in native 64 bits thus allowing the use of more than 4 GB RAM, and taking advantage of the latest graphic cards capabilities, FVIEWER can handle in an efficient way huge amount of data. FVIEWER, with an intuitive and modern user interface, incorporates new scene navigations tools and other features to enhance the user navigation:

  • The design tree information is displayed in the main window for object selection and to see information about the model and annotations;
  • More information about references is now available, such as the Frame System, and significant points (i.e. absolute and relative position of objects);
  • System and user defined attributes of objects can be seen by selecting on them. It is possible to measure distances and angles in the scene and to include annotations to objects. To help the navigation, there are different clipping planes available and advanced searching tools;
  • Advanced algorithms are included, allowing to discover collisions between objects, being possible to highlight them by means of sounds and color changes, and also to store them for further navigations.
  • A path editor is available, being possible to assign paths to objects and operators, thus allowing to check removal routes, escape routes and design inconsistencies.
  • An overview map following the actual position of the camera allows the user to know th relative position inside the model, and to easily and quickly change it by selecting a new position in the map;

FVIEWER incorporates a new file format, V3D, generated by merging information from P3D files, which makes easier to handle big scenes.

With this, FVIEWER is not limited to the scene size. In addition, the module uses some techniques for improving the performance, such as that geometry hidden behind other geometry is not sent to the graphics pipeline, and incorporates better visualization capabilities without performance penalty.

To conclude, FVIEWER is a great solution for the virtual 3D navigation and can be a very useful tool for all the agents involved in the ship and production processes. FVIEWER will incorporate soon advantages such as a 3D mouse, 3D displays and tactile screens.

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