About SENER Marine

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SENER has been a company of international renown in the marine sector ever since it was founded sixty years ago. It currently carries out its activities in two complementary lines of business.


  • Marine engineering

    With the experience that comes from having built over 1,200 ships and offshore artifacts under its own designs, SENER provides professional services to shipyards, technical offices, shipping lines, ship owners and official organizations all over the world. SENER undertakes engineering in all of its stages – conceptual, contractual, classification, detailed and production – as well as work in consultancy, procurement, inspection, supervision, coordination, testing and special studies, all with complete flexibility to adapt to the requirements of each client and each project.

  • FORAN System

    All of the experience accumulated in marine engineering has been applied to FORAN, an integrated system developed by SENER for the design, engineering and production of ships and offshore artifacts, which is currently licensed to over 150 shipyards and technical offices in 40 countries. Created as a practical solution to real problems in marine construction, FORAN has been on the market continuously for 50 years, constantly being improved and adapted to new market requirements and the latest technological developments. SENER deploys a range of services associated with FORAN usage through its marine offices in different countries, encompassing implementation, training, technical support, maintenance and consultancy.

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