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SENER Marine provides services to ship owners, shipyards firms and design offices, implementing best practice in shipbuilding and the most innovative and efficient solutions on the market.

Services for ship owners

SENER’s technical team is composed of highly experienced experts with extensive know-how in the design, construction and operation of vessels, offering assistance and support to ship owners throughout the operational life of their fleets from the very first phases of ship design, thus ensuring that the contractual requirements relating to performance, quality and procedures are met from the outset. 

SENER’s services for ship owners include:

  • Preliminary ship design.
  • Repair, conversion and alteration studies.
  • Maintenance services.
  • Ship owner inspections.

These services are continued after the ship is delivered to the owner and after it has begun its operational life, as SENER provides support and know-how to the ship owner at the start of the design and construction process verification stage, thus ensuring that the best practices in ship building and the most innovative and efficient solutions possible have been applied.

SENER’s main objective is to add value through the knowledge and experience it has gained over the years in the marine industry, and by understanding the needs and capacity of each ship owner. This ensures that the expected results are achieved and competitive advantage is gained.

Passenger Vessel

Composite Catamaran Passenger vessel with capacity for 12 passengers.

Services for shipyards and design offices


  • Preliminary ship projects.
  • Ship projects:
    • Conceptual and Contractual Engineering.
    • Basic and Specialized Engineering.
    • Detail and Production Engineering.
  • Studies of ships in service:
    • Modifications, conversions, and restorations.
  • Consulting and technical support.
  • Integral projects.

SENER is highly capable of developing integral projects, working in close collaboration with our customers and understanding your success and growth as our own. Working together, we achieve the best results.

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