SENER Announce New Release of FORAN V80R3.0

05/11/2018 (Spain)
SENER Announce New Release of FORAN V80R3.0

Tres Cantos, Spain (October 31, 2018) – SENER, in order to improve performance and upgrade FORAN user experience has released a new FORAN version: V80R3.0. that empower software capabilities and enable FORAN users around the world to design vessels faster and efficiently.

FORAN new release brings a major improvement in the overall system, unifying the CAD model exchange system. Complete support has been added for the import and export of STEP, IGES, IFC, BREP and STL CAD files. In addition, imported elements will be transformed into FORAN native objects, which will improve performance, consistency and memory allocation.

Many modules have implemented interface shortcuts, as well as changes that allow the use of different commands simultaneously, improving considerably user experience. Sheet locking and multidocument management have also been enhanced.

In outfitting and electrical, the performance has improved significatively, by refining the control of modifications for distributors to the segment level. Also, recurring tasks such as supports labeling, have been successfully automatized.

We are pleased to bring a new improvement in clash detection, in order to show users the distances between colliding elements.

Several structure new capabilities have been included. The analytical surfaces mode has been upgraded, following market requirements users have greatly demanded.

SENER keeps, this way, the leadership as provider of integrated solutions for the marine and naval shipbuilding, and the offshore industry; continuously reinventing and providing clients with solutions to their needs.

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