FORAN optimizes sister ships management, presented by SENER at the annual SNAME Convention in the United States

28/11/2016 (United States)
FORAN optimizes sister ships management, presented by SENER at the annual SNAME Convention in the United States

SENER has once again participated in “SMC 2016”, the annual maritime convention organized by the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME) that brings together the main players in the US marine industry. This time the conference was held in Bellevue, Washington, on November 1-4.

At the convention, SENER’s FORAN Area Manager for the United States and Canada, Verónica Alonso de los Ríos, presented the solution offered by the FORAN system for designing and building twin vessels, with a paper she wrote together with the Head of Naval Business Development, Rodrigo Pérez Fernández.  As a shipbuilding CAD/CAM system that has been on the market for over 50 years, FORAN already had tools for optimizing sister ships management, but the new V80 version that SENER recently launched onto the market has added major advances that provide an effective response to the challenging demands of shipbuilders, especially in the naval sector.

Verónica highlighted some of the improvements offered by the new version, including the ability to make changes that affect several vessels in a series only once, with each vessel maintaining its unique design aspects. This is all done with the use of access control that ensure multiple users can access the vessel model without the risk of interference or inconsistencies in the information. Twin vessels can be managed directly in FORAN or in an environment that is fully integrated with FORAN and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) tools.

Lastly, she also mentioned the enormous advantage of being able to use FORAN as a marine CAD system for highly complex large-scale projects such as series of vessels that are affected by major unexpected changes and other factors such as long design and production periods, or for projects developed from various remote locations with multiple users accessing information simultaneously. All of these problems have been resolved in the FORAN System, developed by SENER.

SENER has recently signed major contracts in the United States, where it makes a major contribution to optimizing and improving the sector.


Image : View showing how complex it is to manage twin vessels

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