The icebreaker vessel ‘Almirante Irizar’, modernized by SENER, successfully completes the Antarctic Campaign

25/04/2018 (Argentina)
The icebreaker vessel ‘Almirante Irizar’, modernized by SENER, successfully completes the Antarctic Campaign

The icebreaker vessel ‘Almirante Irizar’ has conducted navigation tests, following the reconstruction and modernization process carried out in Tandanor shipyard, with basic and detailed engineering performed by the Structures, Weaponry, Electricity and Accommodation disciplines of the engineering and technology group SENER

Currently, the ship has satisfactorily completed the tasks of the 2017-2018 Antarctic Campaign that have been assigned to it. Among the duration of the campaign after the reconstruction, it has supplied 13 bases of the country in 104 days, during the trip Buenos Aires - Ushuaia and Ushuaia - Antarctica - Buenos Aires, a journey that ended without incident. 

During the tests that were carried out, in the SATs (Sea Acceptance Tests), the ship's navigation and maneuvering equipment was checked in high-sea operating conditions, in order to verify that the ship's propulsion and control systems functioned properly, as well as to verify the qualities of its maneuvers and the auxiliary systems. 

With regards to the IATs (Ice Acceptance Tests), the ship's behavior and responsiveness when navigating in cold waters and in areas of ice with different characteristics was checked. To do this, two types of tests were carried out on different thicknesses of ice, with a ramming and navigation test performed in an ice field. The proper functioning of the bubbler system was checked, as were the parameters and performance of the propulsion plant in different operating conditions.  Furthermore, tests were performed to check the ship's ability to continuously break through flat, healthy ice with a uniform thickness of up to one meter, as well as to check its penetration capacity according to the characteristics of the ice pack. 

The reconstruction and modernization works on the icebreaker ‘Admirante Irizar’ were carried out after the vessel suffered a fire in 2007.


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